Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nikola Tesla

Small book review here...
Tesla - Man out of time. (google books)
I just finished this book a couple days ago (YAY! I actually FINISHED a book! That's rare for me).
Overall I enjoyed the book and liked learning about a Nikola's life. I have two small complaints... The author got stuck in a loops about 3/4 way through the book. Tesla was troubled with financial problems through-out his life. The author kept bringing this up after every new topic she discussed. It got to be cliché after a while and I could predict when she was going to start talking about how difficult he had it. At the same time she would talk about him being impecciably dressed, eating at fine restaurants, living in an expensive hotel, etc... so I never fully understood the whole "financial troubles" part. Unless it was just that, he would get large amounts of money, then just spend it all til he was broke, but he always seemed to have an income. My other complaint is that I wish a little more time was spent explaining some of his inventions and patents. The book tended to treat a lot of stories like "mystical secrets" which does make for interesting reading, but after it was over, I wish I could say that I learned more specifics about his inventions.
Bottom line: REALLY interesting guy this Tesla was. History has tended to have swept him under the carpet for some reason. Tesla made some WILD claims at times, but mixed in with those wild claims were also wild truths, so it's difficult (like with many geniuses) to separate the fantasy from fiction. One other thing that I found interesting, was the government conspiracy part late in Tesla's life (well, after he died I guess). The book just briefly touched on this, and I bet that would have made for additional interesting topics.
OH, and in case you are worried, the book is not very technical at all. It won't explain what electricity is and all that. It's more about the man and his life than a technical explanation.
Check it out.
For a good overview of Nikola Tesla - Good ol' wikipedia to the rescue :)
You can also see some of Tesla's original patents via google's patent search engine! Google rocks! I wonder if the sketches in these patents are from Nikola himself.

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merlin said...

Great Review 4 stars ****
I like link to the patents. The Tesla web site has lots of good stuff. I wonder about his life, it raise more questions than we have answers.
BTW; Great blog!