Thursday, January 10, 2008

quick post

Sorry for the "quietude" on the ol' blog here. Just haven't had much to say lately.
I'll throw this out real quick though...
First regarding blog posts... it is surprising how it can slip away so very easily. First one day, then another goes by without a post. Then it seems like other things fill the void and take up your attention, and the blog gets pushed further away. So it really is a matter of making an effort to keep things updated on a regular basis. I've enjoyed reading other people's blogs only to have them fade away like this. I guess that's the nature of blogs.
The underlying question (for me anyway) is "what's the point". But I tend to find myself answering that (since I'm asking myself the question I guess that's logical)... The point for me is to get my thoughts out of my head and just out them "out there".
Moving on...

I've also been a bit bummed at some of the political stuff that's going on. I'm seeing now that the candidates that I agree with (for the most part) are NEVER going to be elected. I'm realizing that the majority of ALL PEOPLE (in the US anyway) don't think like I do, and don't have the same (what I consider) moral standards. And those few of us who do think this way, will never reach a position of power where we can make a difference. So that's got me a bit bummed. I fear we're going to be stuck in this war/occupation forever now, and there is no way out out than a complete bankruptcy of America, much the same thing that happened to the USSR.
I'm still not even sure now if I'm going to go back to my previous ways of thinking of just bowing out of the whole political stuff. I've not made up my mind yet though.

Enjoy your day!

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