Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FedEx small rant

There should be a term for a "small rant" more like a 'pip' or a 'squeak'. :)
So just a few days before Christmas I ordered some electronics projects for myself. I had a nice long week vacation there and I thought it would be the perfect time to do a quick project. After I placed the order, I learned that the warehouse that ships the items was also on vacation over that week! ugh. Then there was a problem with them being out of stock etc... The day that I emailed them and asked why have I not heard from them in about a month, and that I wanted to cancel my order - magically - my order shipped that same day. So, it's coming via FedEx to my apartment (hopefully today). No one will be there because I'm at the office today. Simple (I thought) I'll just call FedEx and ask them to bring it to my office instead and if there is any additional price cost, I'd pay for it. Well... not so simple. The woman was nice on the phone, but bottom line was that she said there is no way that I can do that, because their "contract" is with the company that shipped the items, and not with me (who paid for the shipping!).
But, this is a good example where common sense is not valid in the corporate world. They would rather send an employee out to a building to deliver a package where they KNOW that no one will be there to sign for it. Then, they'll leave a sticker or something, then have to drive back to their office, and then I'll have to drive to the office (probably during business hours) and pick it up myself. So ALL that driving and inconvenience because it's not their "policy".
Are you listening FedEx?
Probably not.

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