Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Congressman Wexler nails Rice

I know... I have not been posting many "written" posts lately. Seems like there is never enough time lately. At some point I will drop some words of wisdom here soon (or at least more ramblings of a madman :)

I do wish to post one quick "wordy" post...
A few days ago, I was flipping through the channels and I saw some sort of Senate hearing on C-span. The man speaking was Bernie Sanders the Senator from Vermont... he was GRILLING the man being question (I don't know his name or title, but it was his job to respond to questions regarding the new budget put forth by the Bush administration for 09). It was an amazing round of questions and such fancy verbal footwork by the man on the stand so that he avoided every single attempt at Senator Sanders questions - until eventually Sanders' time expired. I HOPE I can find some video footage of this exchange. All I can say is that Sanders is my new favorite hero in the Senate right now. You can read some of the MASSIVE cuts that the Bush Administration is making in order to fund their "occupation" here on Bernie's website. Sidenote: I just saw that Bernie's "favicon" is a COW :) He's def my new hero!


Tom said...

VIDEO: Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal Part 1

Wexler asks Rice, isn't it true that you had intelligence that cast doubt on your repeated claims that Iraq did have WMD. It is worse than even how Wexler characterizes it. SEE PROOF, that the Bush Administration was committing fraud in order to fool the public into thinking Iraq had WMD. Spread the word. Send this link to others:

cyen said...

Looks like the same video footage that I posted, but with some added commentary - Thanks Tom for pointing this out. This sort of "half-truths" is what this current administration will go down in the history books for. I still am holding onto a little hope that someone, somewhere, will have the guts and power, to stand up to this corrupt administration. Thanks again Tom.