Friday, February 01, 2008

FIOS update

So a quick update to my Verizon Fios story.
I was really bummed when I learned that the Fios was not going to be a good deal for me to get. So last night, I made one last effort to call them and try to speak to someone who could give me some straight answers.
First I was connected with "Suzy" who had a heavy Indian accent. It was all I could do to understand her. I said, "I hope you can provide me some answers, because I am really confused, and frustrated, and have been getting different answers, rates, limits, and prices via their website." So Suzy, asked me for my phone number (which she should of had, because it's an automated process, but whatever)... so Suzy punches in my phone, and to my amazement, she tells me that I am not eligible for Fios!
me: what?! Then why is it that I have a letter here from Verizon that says it's available, and when I put my phone number into the website, it tells me I am able to get Fios?
Suzy: hold on, I'll try again... pause... Oh, Ok, yes, you are eligible.
me: (not out out: oh, this is just starting off great!)
I proceed to ask her about the rates, and if I can get JUST the fios TV package.
Suzy: Yes, you can sign up for just the TV
me: Then why does your website tell me I can only order the internet/phone package?
Suzy: You must have clicked on the wrong button.
Me: (Mentally, reaching threw the phone lines to grasp her neck in my paws) NO... I did NOT hit the wrong button.
Then I ask her about the other "hidden costs" such as having to purchase a settop box, for an additional $5 a month...
Suzy: No, you do not have to do that.
Me: Then why did your website tell me I did?
Suzy: Um, uh,
At this point, I loose all confidence that Suzy has less of a clue than I do.
I ask Suzy to speak to the next level of "customer support"... Suzy asks "What do you mean"
OMG! You mean, you work in customer service, and you are not familiar with the term "next level"? I say, "well, some companies have different levels of customer service, there is the person you get when you first call in - which is you, then there is either a "level 2" or an "executive customer service rep" or some even call it a "manager" or a "supervisor".
Suzy is now frustrated with me and says "oh, I'll get my supervisor".
I get put on hold for a short amount of time.
Hello, this is James...
YES! I can understand him - no accent! I later learn he's from Texas.
James was VERY helpful to me. He took his time and explained some of the technical questions that I had. He didn't get upset with me asking "dumb questions". He confirmed that Suzy was totally off base on many of her answers.
Bottom line:
The only way Fios is going to save me money, is if I get the total package deal of phone/internet/tv. It will cost close to $115 (if I remember right). So now I just need to sit down, crunch some more numbers, and hopefully I'll be able to save money - and finally rid myself of Comcast.
I am still uneasy about trusting one company, and one thin fiber-optic wire to take care of ALL my communication. IF something were to happen to the service, the wire, etc... I would not be able to call anyone, use the internet, or watch tv. That scares me. But if the price is right... I'll consider it.


Alan said...

Don't be so sure that things will get better with Verizon FIOS. I left Comcast for Verizon FIOS in Oct. of 2007 and expected to never go back.
My Comcast Internet upload speed was slow which caused me problems uploading to ftp sites.

At first, I thought FIOS was better. The Internet speed and reliability are certainly fine. The HDTV and SD picture quality are fine.

There are some problems that may cause me to go back
The remote control requirs a set top box on all TVs (HD or other TVs). The TV and Set Top box often get out of sync; one is on and the other is off. This causes a problem for my wife, who is not a techy.
Also, the local community channel; snow day school closings, school board meetings, school concerts, etc. are not going to be available for at least 6-8 months.

Competition is good. Comcast has lowered their prices, improved their Internet speed, and seems to be more customer service oriented.

I may go back to Comcast.

Be careful when switching providers.

Here's a link to another blog I found that may be of interest to you:

Feel free to email me with any questions and/or you experiences with Comcast or Verizon.

Good Luck!


cyen said...

Thanks for the comment Alan.
And thanks for the link to your blog, I found some of those comments interesting. Yep, I am almost sad to admit it (from all the trash talk I did) that I think I'm going to stick with comcraptastic.
I was met with too many conflicting stories, vague answers, and borderline devious promotional mailers. I'm mostly not thrilled with putting ALL of my communications trust in one thin strand of fiber.
Thanks again.