Monday, February 04, 2008

Supe_bowl thoughts

Supe_bowl >
Wow! What a game! I'm not even that big of a football fan, but I was on the edge of my seat with this game. I really didn't care who won the game, but I initially was rooting for the Patriots, only because I thought it would be great for them to win on a 19-0 record. (note: The Patriots were trying to "trademark/copyright" that stat 19-0 so that others could not make T-shirts, hats, etc... I guess they won't be going for that now). But then when I went over to my dad's I learned that there was some controversy over the coach of the Pats... Apparently (I don't know the whole story) he's been accused of "cheating" and some how learning of the other teams plays. Um... I'm sure they're a great team and all, but if they got their 18-1 record by cheating, then that's really lame. So we were now both rooting for the Giants.

Supe_bowl Ads >
I was not impressed at all! What a huge waste of 2.7 million dollars for 30 seconds!!! One of the ones that bothered me the most... The talking baby for E-trade. Sure it was cute and funny at first - but rates about 0 for originality... it's not the first time we've seen a digitally altered baby that talks. But then the part that really bothered me... at the end the baby vomits! What are these high paid ad exec's thinking of when they said "Hey! I know! Let's associate our product with baby VOMIT!"

Supe_bowl spelling >
I'm spelling "you know what" differently because I don't want to be sued by the NFL. They have tried to crack down on "fair use" of their product. You can't use that word "Supe_bowl" because they "own it". AND they even made an attempt to buy "The Big Game" when people stopped refereing to the supe_bowl by "the big game". That's jut wrong! Not to mention, their crackdown on Supe_bowl parties... did you know it's "illegal" to show the game on a tv larger than 55"? ugh. Read more on TechDirt.

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