Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Did you vote yet? I did... I don't really believe in it, but in the slim chance that "my vote counts" I figured what the hey, I can spare 3 minutes to push a button.
I wasn't even sure if I would vote today, because "my candidate" has dropped out. But when I thought about it I had a couple reasons for pushing the button...
1) I've heard mentioned on the internet something to the effect of "are you tired of 20 years of our country being controlled by the same two families?" - yes I am tired of that. I also don't like the idea of passing our leadership amongst the same folks back and forth. Lets give someone new a chance.
2) The war is a big issue for me: Hillary voted for it (I know, I'm not gonna get into a debate here, as to whether she had false information, etc...). I'm also aware that technically Obama was not in office to cast his initial vote (I'm not crazy over the fact that Obama has since supported all of the funding bills).
3) I'm not thrilled that Hilary is so closely tied with Corporate America (I heard she was on the Board of Walmart!) Not to mention all the lobbyist money flowing her way.

Then, just the other day, I heard that Obama is also a geek-minded candidate... Apparently (I don't have the facts here - sry) he either had a meeting with or was endorsed by Larry Lessig. I admire Lessig and some of the things he stands for, so I figure Obama can't be all that bad.
And THEN I learned that Shepard Fairey released some awesome work in support of Obama. When a Graffiti artist steps up, then count me in! (I'm joking). But it is an awesome poster! (note: You can download a PDF file of this poster on Shepard's website!)

Funny story when I went to vote this morning. I've never voted before in a primary. I stepped into the "gym" (my voting location is in a gym!) and proceeded to give my name to the several elderly folks running the booth. After I signed in, a man at the table asked me "democrat or republican?" to which I responded "democrat" - then he pushed a yellow tablet to me and told me to sign here... It wasn't til after I voted, that this sorta bothered me. I thought the whole voting process is supposed to be "private"? I started to get upset... then I thought it ironic... here I am concerned that my privacy was somehow violated, yet, I put up a poster of Obama in the back window of my truck! :)
Still, in the voting area, I had to sign my name to it, and tell the man sitting there how I was going to vote - where as a poster in the window is still somewhat anonymous.

Go out and vote today - if you want change, hope, and progress. If you don't want these things... then please stay home :)


JWD said...

Hey Dude,

You have to declare a party in order to vote for the candidates in that party. I can't remember how it works in your State but in this State, if you're registered independent on decline to state, you declare a party on Primary Election Day if you are in one of those categories. Then you receive the appropriate ballot for that party.

The thing is Democrats can't vote for Republican primary candidates and vice versa.

I'm glad you voted yesterday! Super! :)

cyen said...

Hey Geek-ette! :)
I think I understand what you're saying, but the way I understand it now, is that my state does not technically require a person to "register" a party. They wanted to encourage more people to vote in the primaries so they got rid of that "rule". The computer is set up to only let you vote for one party no matter what - kinda makes sense. There still seems to be confusion though depending on who you ask, or what website one goes to.
Thanks for trying to clear things up though :)
You're only glad cause we were voting for the same person! hee hee