Thursday, February 28, 2008

Firefox Chrome

This post is more for me actually - so if none of this makes any sense, feel free to ignore.
Firefox is my browser of choice.
But there is ONE thing about it that really bothers me...
I use my menu bar a lot to keep bookmarks. (I use the book marks too).
But when you try to drag a url icon into a folder on the menubar, a little "tool tip" pops up that blocks the folders that you are trying to read.
Sometime back - I discovered via that you can edit a lot of firefox's appearances! And guess what one of those was... yep, to turn that annoying tool tip off. So every time I get a new version of firefox, install it on a new machine etc... I find myself always on google trying to find what that feature is called, and where on lifehacker I saw it. So this post is so that I can now search my own blog for this info at some later time.
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how to tweak:
All this "advanced config" talk got you worried? Fear not, my friend. Here's the deal: Firefox's configuration is a long list of keys and values. To view this list, type about:config into the Firefox address bar. Then, enter the name of the key you want to update in the "Filter" field. The list will narrow to only the entries that match your keyword as you type, as shown. (I'm not including the graphic here.)

(The key, of course, is knowing the key. More on that below.) To modify the value of a key, double-click on the value field and update the entry. To see your changes, restart your browser. Easy as pie.

Got it? Good. Let's get to tweaking.
here's the change to the tooltips:
All versions: I have an irritating Firefox problem on my Mac. When I try to drag a bookmark into one of my bookmark toolbar folders, the tool tip gets in the way and prevents the drop from working. Argh! Like you, I already know what all the buttons on my browser chrome do, so the tool tips aren't necessary. To turn them off, set the key value to false. Bonus is, it solved my Mac's bookmark drag and drop problem.

* Key:
* Modified Value: false

original link to the lifehacker article.
Now, I hope when I need this info again I can find it :)

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