Friday, February 29, 2008

Take Back the Mic - Dont sleep

Wow! I'm SO glad I found this link tonight.
I hopped over to when I read a brief description of the video and then watched the youtube video. Fantastic!
So I'm going to shut up now, because "DNA" (Derrick Ashong) can speak so much better than I. What I have done though is gather three of his youtube videos here in this one spot. I recommend that you watch them in order (about 5-7 minutes each). Then Check out the website (I think there is a law against an immigrant becoming a president, but if it were not for that, I'd vote for Derrick.)
Enjoy... oh and one more thing...
Yes We Can...
Sorry - I realized I really should set up this first video... I'm going to copy/paste the words from OpenCulture's site:
Let’s set the scene: A reporter selects a young Barack Obama supporter at a rally and starts peppering him with questions about the candidate. And it all feels like a staged effort to demonstrate that the mobilized youth has no real handle on the issues. He’s just blindly buying the hype. Without wasting time, the reporter leads the young man into a conversation on the complexities of health care. It’s the perfect setup. But then it suddenly becomes clear that the reporter chose the wrong kid (who is a naturalized immigrant, by the way) to play the fool.



fam said...

Hi Cyen,

Thanks for posting this! I'm one of the lead vocalists in an "Afropolitan Fusion" band called Soulf├Ęge and Ashong (aka DNA) is our bandleader. On July 15th we are releasing the digital version of our new record "Take Back the Mic," which is our statement on the power of music with meaning.

I was wondering if you might be willing to write about the album on or around that date. If so, I can send you a private link where you can download the tracks for free.

Soulf├Ęge ('sOl-fezh) has had an incredible year w/ multiple award nominations and some wonderful media attention, in addition to all the frenzy around Ashong's comments on Obama. You can learn a little more about him from the bio reel on the frontpage of his site and more about the band from this recent Vanity Fair Article:

Ashong Bio Reel

Vanity Fair

You can also download a free track we created called "Beating Around the Bush" that challenges the value of another "McBush" term at:

Let me know if you'd be willing to spread the word on your blog and if there are any other blogs or email lists you think we should reach out to. Thanks a bunch for your help and I hope to hear from you soon.


cyen said...

Hi Fam,
It would be my honor to help spread the word for "Take Back the Mic".
I look forward to purchasing the album (mp3's via itunes or preferably on my new fav music site - no DRM).

Thanks and continued success!