Thursday, February 07, 2008


Wow... I've been really busy this week, sorry for the lack of daily posts :(
I'm going to try and throw a few thoughts up now just as the new season of "Survivor" is about to start. Should be an interesting season - if you're a fan.

Super "duper" Tuesday>
Steven Colbert had a fantastic clip on his show last night talking about Super Tuesday. Basically he was trying to understand "who won - Barack or Hilary"
The answer... it depends on what your definition of "won" is - totally confusing!
I'm also disheartned (again) by learning how the process works as far as the delegates. It SOUNDS like due to these so called "super delegates" that the entire process of the people voting is basically pointless, because the "super delegates" do not have to abide by the people's votes, they can swing the nomination one way another! GRRR.

reminder to myself...
I want to post about having one of my photos in my Flickr account chosen for an online "map" website. It's a bit of a long story, so no time for it now.

Maybe I should wait to announce this...
I started a NEW blog tonight! Just what I need right?
Check it out (though there is not much up there right now)

ok... Survivor is on! Gotta run!
Peace and Hope!

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