Saturday, February 23, 2008

I HATE Bill Moyers...

Did that headline get your attention? :)
No... I don't really hate Bill Moyers. In fact, I admire his dedication and in the few short weeks that I've been watching his show on PBS I've learned a lot (Bill Moyers Journal). The reason for my over-the-top headline above is that after the show is over, I'm ready to punch a hole in the wall. I forget what the other shows name that is also like this (60 minutes, or 20/20, something like that) it has a similar effect. They produce a show about how something is really bad and needs to be fixed, but offer not one solution as to how to go about doing that. So after the show is over, you've learned how something needs to be done, but just feel angry and frustrated that you don't know how to fix it. Usually it's a topic that's so broad too as to make a clear path even more confusing (such as world hunger).
So last nights show was about Earmarks. I'll post this link which will take you to his main page that deals with "this week's" show but depending on when you read this post it may not be talking about earmarks (ie: There is no "permalink" to the show topic until it hits the archives page - you should fix this pbs.). Oops, I might have spoken too soon... this might be the permalink here to the show about earmarks called "Mr Heath goes to Washington".
I'll warn you though, if you watch it, you too will want to punch a wall after seeing how our government system works in regards to wasteful spending and borderline corruption. Mr. Heath points out that basically these government officials are doing nothing illegal but that it's just the way the system works - (which in my opinion - SHOULD be Illegal!).
The second half of his show was an interview with Sarah Chayes (permalink here). Her story was interesting as well (and still frustrating) talking about the failed policy of our government's involvement in Afghanistan. I'll nutshell it for you... our government has put a corrupt leadership in place in Afghanistan, with NO checks to see where our MILLIONS (Billions?) of dollars are going (straight into their pockets).
The thing this Show (Bill Moyer's Journal) has taught me... if you want to become rich... get into politics. But the only way I can see it... you've got to have no morals, or conscience to do this though.
Lastly - one sidenote: I realize this is the sort of show that borders on propaganda. It is presented in a "news format" but clearly only provides one side of the story.

Ok, I'm off to learn more about:
Oh and this renews my support for Larry Lessig in his new Change Congress campaign. (once it actually starts that is).

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