Monday, February 25, 2008

Why I love the Internet

So the other day, I sign onto my flickr account (I check usually once a day sometimes more). I see in my list of contacts that my sister has posted some family photos of a museum they visited. Cool right? (yes).
So I wondered, "how far is the museum from their house?"
Onto Google maps to check.
I enter the address, and then "Get driving directions".
Not too far, about an hour or so.
So then I switch to "satellite view" on the google map... mainly just because it's a cool feature.
Nothing really jumps out at me as being unusual, it's just your typical suburban sprawl scene.
So I start to scroll out and take in a larger view.
I get to the point where I can see all of the San Francisco Bay Area (and more).
When I happen to see two little white specks out in the ocean off the coast of San Franciso.
Hmm... what's that?
So I start to zoom in.
Sure enough... they are small islands.
Huh, I never knew they were there.
So google maps tells me they are called the Farallon Islands, and it looks like there is one or two man made objects on the island.
So I go back to google search, and type in Farallon Islands to see what info I can find out.
Wikipedia to the rescue!
I learn a bit of the history about them. They were one time a HUGE industry for people sailing out and collecting eggs, then coming back to SF to sell them. There was actually a violent "battle" between the "egg collecting companies" and the "lighthouse companies" where two people lost their life. (Who knew that egg collectors and lighthouse people were so violent?)
And then I see something about Nuclear dumping site... Wait, What?!
Yep... and LOTS of it.
Approx - 47,500 of those 55 gallon drums were just dumped there!
WOW! Why have I not heard of this before?
So less that 30 miles away from SF is a huge nuclear dump site!
So... not that I'm happy to learn about this nuclear dump, but this is a great example of how I love the intertubes. That "train of thought" or rather "Train of links" would have never come about had it not been for the internet. That's really awesome when you stop and think about it for a minute.

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