Sunday, June 11, 2006

c-span and civil liberties

It's sunday afternoon now. I was up late last night after getting home from seeing the movie "mission impossible 3" - it was a really good movie (surprisingly). I think I had some adrenaline still in my system from the movie so I was not tired when I got home so I stayed up and surfed the web til about 2:30. So, needless to say, I slept in late this morning and didn't really wake up until around noon. Man, nothing beats sleeping in late on a sunday morning (or saturday).
Anyway, I'm now watching a great show on c-span that originally took place on tuesday.
It is a senate committee hearing about a newly formed (Feb 1006) Civil Liberties and Oversight Board.
What a great insight to how the government works. Thank you c-span!
Ms. Dinkins (her title is below) is a real politician. She is able to take a direct 'yes and no' question, and turn it around, re-state the question, then respond in a way that is totally misleading or better yet, a "non-answer" and repeats a statement she has made repeatedly.
She keeps saying that since Feburary, all they have done is hired a staff (2 people!) and have talked about what topics to look at.
When asked direct questions, regarding the NSA possible privacy law breaking, she has aptly side-stepped the question, and says "well, we're just getting started and we may look into it".
I'm not doing this justice, because I'm typing faster than I'm thinking here (and trying to listen to the hearing at the same time).
So I highly encourage you to watch this interview on cspan.

I did a search to find out who Ms. Dinkins is/was and the first hit on google is her profile from her law office. So she's a lawyer. Ah.. this explains her ability to skirt a direct question :)

If these people are the ones in charge of protecting our civil liberties from the current administration... we are all in trouble.

The players:
Alan Charles Raul
- white house privacy and civil liberties oversight board - vice chair
Carol Dinkins
- white house privacy and civil liberties oversight board - chair

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