Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yankee or a Rebel?

Found a neat little [pointless] online web test/quiz today. It ranks you in a percentage format as to which category you fall in: a yankee or a rebel. I usually skip over these tests, but since this was short, and I liked the way the "answers" were explained, I took the whole thing. I had considered myself a Yank, but turns out I can just bareley make that claim. I guess I've take too many trips to the south? :) I'm 43% Yankee.
What is a Yankee exactly? I don't know either so I looked it up on wikipedia.
Do people really use this classification anymore? Seems so archaic.

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Lady Arden said...

Thanks for the link, that test was fun. Yes, these words are used a lot still, depending on where you are. In the south they use it. I'm a rebel, literally because that's my school's mascot. But I also scored 73% rebel.