Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A tiny Bug

Just thought I'd share this photo. Another attempt at Macro with my new camera. It's stuff tough to get the hang of, but every now and again I get a shot that's worth saving. Still not what I consider a "good" shot, but decent. This little bug hitched a ride in with me to the office this morning on my shirt. I happened to bring my camera in with me to work, so I thought, before releasing him back out into the wild, I'd try to get a macro shot. To give you a size persepctive, he was probably about 3/16" from tip to tip. I liked this shot the most because it showed the texture on his back, and shows the tiny tiny claw on his foot. (Don't ask me why I'm calling him a "he").
I'm still need to be more aware of my lighting while attempting to get these macros.
(again, if you click on the image it will open in a window enlarged.)

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