Thursday, June 22, 2006

Minimum Wage

I was not aware that this issue was being voted for in the senate until last night while watching "the daily show". Mr. Stewart tore into the senate for failing to pass an increase in the federal minimum wage. Turns out they have NOT raised the limit since 1997 - But as Stewart pointed out, they were sure to increase their OWN wages several times, to an amount of about $31,600 over the past 9 years. $5.15 an hour is a disgrace. I would propose a new idea in that a teenager (up until 18) can make this lower $5.15 rate, but at 18 the pay would be increased to the new Minimum Wage proposed at $7.25. I think a kid who flips burgers for a part time job can get by at $5.15 as extra spending money, but once you hit 18 and responsibilities set in, there should be a new standard to raise the income levels of those who really need it. Shame on you Senate.
News clip from LA Times. I ALSO wish that the news media did a better job at alerting the public to this upcoming vote.

I wanted to add one other small item I found out about the ForaTv that I posted on just a few days ago. Turns out while in this "Beta" mode the limited videos are free. They plan on selling the videos and charging subscriptions. ugh. This really takes the wind out the sail for me in promoting this service. Information like this (interviews with thinkers, scientists, authors, etc...) should be made free for the benefit of us all. Trying to sell this information is shady. I would hope a FREE opensource community might open around this subject. I bet it would be great.

Ok, I have the day off tomorrow to visit with family (who are in from out of town! Hooray!) I may not post tomorrow. If not here's an early TGIF and have a good weekend.

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