Tuesday, June 13, 2006

C-span and yearly Kos

Saturday, I was headed out the door, when a show came on c-span that looked very interesting. It was a televised broadcast of something called the "yearly kos". I've heard of the "daily kos" but I have to admit I don't read it. (I will try to check it out more often now). This event was mainly about "progressives using the internet" or in other words... bloggers.
Anyway, since I was headed out the door, I unfortunately did not have time to watch it. BUT thanks to c-span they re-ran it again last night. It was LATE started at 12 or 12:30am, and went until around 1 or so, but I stayed up to watch the whole thing. Very glad I did.
I won't go into all the details but the panel they put together was really great. There was an older gentleman (s0rry, can't remember any names) and he was some sort of teacher at Berkeley, he was very well spoken, yet was able to speak on a wavelength that even I (a layman) could understand. One of his comments that really struck me was about how to "frame an argument"... his example... Illegal immigrants. If you say "illegal immigrants" the problem then are the "immigrants" - yet if you re-phrase the problem as "employers who hire illegal immigrants" now the problem becomes the employers. very interesting.
I did a search on c-span and I think you can watch this over at their website. You should check it out. Another website that sounded a little odd was called "drinking liberally". Not sure about this one, but he was a good speaker.

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Manifest Dignity said...

You might be interested that Link TV has been posting video clips of YearlyKos here: http://www.linktv.org/yearlykos/

Longer segments with better video controls are posted here: http://www.fora.tv/