Friday, June 02, 2006

what a week...

Things started off well this week (monday being a day off!). But each day seemed to bring more headaches at work. Yesterday I was ready to have a liquid dinner (I did not, I had an excellent meal of BBQ Ribs with friends!) I was hoping that today would have been better, but it's been another crazy day. All this "hub-a-baloo" over trying to create a UPC code for a new product that's due to be printed. I have a whole new respect (and loathing) for that little box that goes on the back of almost every product sold. You would not believe all the codes, specifications, measurements, decodability, minimum reflectance, modulation, contrast, sizes, quiet spaces, truncations, etc... all this to describe a bunch of little lines. But, as of now, we've figured out a solution to get us through until Monday. Then we'll see what Monday brings. ugh.

So sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've had a few things I wanted to blog about but never found the time to. Maybe tonight when I get home, or over the weekend I'll post a couple items.

One thing... I finally got to see the season finale last night to a show I'm really enjoying. The Texas Ranch House on PBS. I missed the first season finale, but like so many other PBS shows they usually re-run them several times. So sure enough I was able to catch the last two shows.(but I still missed about 20 minutes because my power went out due to a WHOPPER of a lightning storm! I spent those minutes trying to get a cool photo of a lightning bolt! I think I took about 100 photos and only got one that turned out half decent. I still need to download it to my computer to look at. If it turned out well, I'll post it here). At one point, while standing on my balcony amidst the whipping wind, and the multitude of lightning and thunder, I realized 'hmm, maybe this isn't so safe?' So I went inside. Still it was fun! to be out in that lightshow! (hmm, a lead-in to this story I found today on the web... a woman gets hit by lightning after praying!)
Back to the show... It was a good season finale with lots of drama. What really struck me was the dynamics of the owners of the ranch. The mother in particular. It was a good psychological study on her and her family. I am also interested in getting a woman's point of view on this show. I found myself siding with the "cowboy's" point of view, and not the "feminist" point of view (which normally I have no problem with). But there was just something about this woman that I found very decietful, manipulative, and plain old "nasty". But like I said I'm curious if I am just being influenced by my "cowboy" viewpoint. Good show that I may have to just break down and purchase. I have enjoyed the other PBS reality shows too, especially the colonial house, and the iron age shows.

Well, TGIF!!!!
Maybe tonight I'll have that "liquid dinner" :)
which reminds me of a new website I just found. I'm a new wine drinker, but I like the concept of the website.

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