Monday, June 19, 2006

Fora TV

Wow... I am always amazed when I get a "comment" on my blog from someone that I don't know. Some how in all of the "billions and billions" (that was my Carl Sagan voice) of websites and blogs, some poor soul has stumbled upon something I had to say. I'm both honored, amazed, and humbled that they also decided to leave me a comment. Moving on...
Thanks to a commenter (manifest dignity) who found my comments on the YearlyKos C-span coverage he recommended two websites (sort of connected) that allows you to view videos online... I had never heard of them before, and after looking into the one called ForaTV, I am so glad this link was recommended.
ForaTV is a website in conjunction with "LinkTV" that posts videos that deal with "Idea Immersion". Well, I'm struggling to describe it because it's so new to me so I'll copy and paste something from the about page...
Today, in cities all over the world, great thinkers, leaders and writers are saying important things in public places. You could not be there.

Until now.

ForaTv is an on demand multimedia portal delivering spoken words on global issues.

ForaTv will provide engaging on demand viewing experiences for the media active world citizen.

How Cool is that!?
So I just watched a segment on the YearlyKos that I missed on C-span and it was both edicational, thought provoking, and much more interesting that watching was was on "regular" crap TV tonight.
I thank "manifest dignity" again, and I encourage everyone to check out:

PS> The other website associated with fora is:
I've not looked into this one yet... so it may be just as good :)

PS2> I had trouble trying to register on the fora site. Somehow I entered a different register page that asked for a "promotion code" which of course I did not have. But tonight I realized that when I went to the homepage and clicked on the "register button" it did NOT ask me for this special code and everything worked fine.

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Manifest Dignity said...

Hi - glad you liked the clips!

I don't have a promotional code for Fora TV. When I last checked, you needed to register (for free) at Fora to use their search engine. Then you should just be able to search for YearlyKos.

For a while the YearlyKos clips were on the front page which enabled people to get around the hassle.

I'm glad you found the links useful. I was trying to help out Link TV, and I actually know almost nothing about Fora.