Friday, June 09, 2006

I hope this is a joke...

As someone who is struggling to learn how to paint (watercolor), I saw this photo and it made me laugh. Then it made me angry, because if this tree is painting pictures better than ME I'd really just break my brushes in half and go do something else. But knowing the art world, I bet one of these tree photos is selling for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Regardless of it all, the photo is amusing :)

On another note:
I just saw in my blogger program that this is my 199 posting to my blog! One more and It'll be 200! Who would of thought I had that much to say to the world. Well, I should do a commemorative bicentenial post or something... nah ... too much pressure :)

On another blog note: With the new clustermap link I installed on my blog (which I like) I am getting hits from around the world (pretty cool!) BUT... I see that I have NO hits from the entire continent of Africa? I wonder why? I wonder if I can post a topic that might generate a search engine hit having to do with Africa.
So that being said, I'll put a shameles post here...
It's been some time since I've picked up my mbira! And I've pretty much given up on trying to build my own. It frustrates me because I got off to a real good start in trying to build my own. I was even able to find the exotic wood called "Bloodwood" from Africa. It's a beautiful wood. (yes, a part of me feels guilty because I probably played a small roll now in the deforestation of Africa! It was only one board though). Anway, IF anyone happens to search google and find this post, on mbira's then PLEASE tell me what kind of metal I should use for the keys. This is the point where I'm stuck right now. What's an Mbira you ask?

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