Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Computer setup

Well, I got the new imac set up last night. I was up until about 1am but mostly because I didn't start until around 10pm... and most of that time was spent pulling apart all the cables and wires from my old computer. I know it sounds nerdy, but... what a beautiful machine! That's one thing Apple knows how to do is design a beautiful piece of machinery. (Well, except for their mice, I really don't like their mice). So, I checked my watch at about 11:48 when I had finally gotten the old computer removed, and then said to myself "do i really want to attempt to set up a new computer at this late hour?" But I knew it was an imac and it was supposed to be easy... Sure enough... Here's the setup process after pulling it from the box...
1) Plug mouse into keyboard.
2) Plug keyboard in
3) Plug Ethernet cable in
4) Plug power cord in*
5) turn on computer and fill out the personalization stuff.
6) That's it! In about 20 minutes I was surfing the web.

* I had one panic moment... I had an old device on my other computer called a "power key" which when I turned on my computer it powered up all the external devices (zip drive, modem, printer, light, etc). Well, when I pulled the old computer off, I forgot I had that do-hickey. So when I plugged my new computer in and hit the power on button, nothing happened. DOH! A little flutter of the heart, a little dry mouth, a little pre-anger to NEVER order a computer online again, then my geek-sense kicked in and said "step 1... always check the wire connections". So I found it and everything worked well. whew.

On a totally unrelated note...
I did something stupid this morning.
I was driving to work, and stopped at a stop light. The light turned green, and only about a block away I had to merge onto a ramp. I glanced in my rear view mirror and here was a car half way in the shoulder and RIGHT on my back bumper. I thought it was going to pass me in the shoulder. So I slowed a tiny bit, and started up the exit ramp. It was like deja vu. I had an experience like this about 5 years ago with a guy tailgating me in the same exact spot. So I knew what to do. I got about half way onto the ramp and slowed the truck to a complete stop. Of course, the car behind me was so close she was right up on my bumper and had no way to backup now. And since it was a small one lane exit ramp she was "trapped". I got out of my truck. I walked up to her car, and actually surprisingly she rolled her window down about half way. I said "Don't tailgate" (genius huh?) She said "what? What are you doing?" I repeated myself "Don't tailgate - it's dangerous" (I thought up the dangerous part on the spot - genius x2). She said "What? Why are you stopped on on exit ramp? That's dangerous". So I said my piece, I turned, and walked back to my truck. Got in, and drove away slowly. First chance she had, she sped past me and turned off. I bet even now, she doesn't have a clue as to why I stopped. But... what I did was stupid because at the time that I got out of my vehicle I had no idea if it was a cute blond (which she was) or a 300lb professional weightlifter out on bail behind the wheel. I wasn't really angry during all this. I was calm, so it wasn't done out of rage, it was done out of wanting to STOP this person from what they were doing and TRY to make them think about what they were doing. I really don't think it worked.

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