Friday, January 26, 2007


I've got a few topics I want to post on but I think I'll break them into separate posts...
I used to run a website with movie reviews of me and my friend. It was fun, and I learned a lot on setting up websites. But after a few years, the fun started to fade and it started to feel like work. I stopped enjoying a film for the sake of entertainment because I was always thinking in the back of my mind, what am I going to write about this one. So we both agreed to put the site in limbo.
So In case it wasn't clear, I'm a pretty big movie buff. Between trying to see a movie a week in the theater and my Netflix subscription, I'm never want for looking for a movie to watch. So the other day the Oscar Nominees were announced. I counted up the movie titles and out of 59 films, I've only seen 10 of them. Doesn't sound like that much really does it, but right off the top you could cross about 15-20 of those off the list because NO ONE from the average public has seen some of the nominations for categories like; foreign films, animated shorts, Short films, and Documentary short. Where do these movies get shown even? So, I am usually fairly well versed to make an educated guess as to who might win but this year I am out of the loop. Of the Best Films, I've only seen two of five (I hope to see Babel soon though). So for what it's worth, I hope Little Miss sunshine wins. I loved this movie. BUT I feel bad for anyone who has not seen it as all the talk about the movie, and even the trailers for the dvd release have now given away much of the film and takes away from the surprise - which was KEY for my enjoyment. I knew nothing about the film before seeing it. The only other comment I'll make is that I'm sad that one of my favorite movies of the year was not mentioned... Stranger than fiction with Will Farrell. One other comment... of the hundreds of movies released in 06, I'm a bit surprised by how few movies are nominated. Oh well.

Sorry, one more comment...
Pan's Labyrinth - I just saw that this past weekend. I have mixed feelings on this one. My friend hated it and fell asleep in the theater :) But I was very much taken in by this movie on the visuals alone. I liked the overall storyline, but I will say the movie did really drag at some points. And was so transparent at other times. It was also very violent at times. I HOPE that this movie doesn't end up on a video rental shelf somewhere and some kid picks it up thinking it's a fantasy film and the adult looks at the title and cover and lets them watch it. It is NOT for Kids!


valejandras said...

hi! I've enjoyed reading your blog for the last few weeks and just wanted to say that i liked this one a lot. i tried to critic movies for a while and found that just enjoying them for what they, entertainment, is way more fun!

cyen said...

Hey Valejandras! Thanks for the compliment and for taking the time to read my rants and posts :)
And thanks for the link in the previous comment, I'll be sure to look that up. I'll be checking out your blog too :)