Wednesday, January 31, 2007

new annoying trend with web

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, not much to say. Here's one that I thought deserved a post...
I've noticed this new "trend" on several websites lately. It's yet another devious form of advertising... You go to a website that catches your interest - like this one that caught my eye about the reunion of The Police at this years grammy awards. You start to read and then you see that some of the words are links [with a double underline]. So in the post I was reading, there was a mention of the "red hot chilli peppers" another band that I like. But when I hovered over the link to see where it leads (I hope you all do that), a small pop-up window appears and it's like a microsoft search engine. So, this new trend, is that this devious code picks apparently random words or phrases, puts a link on them, that takes you to an advertisement rather than an actual link. I'm sure this practice will increase, because I bet the majority of people will not realize what's going on - and people will make money because of this. That's why I like google ads so much. They are simple, straight forward, and un-obtrusive. I'm not complaining about ads, I'm complaining about underhanded tricks to promote your product or message.

ok, one more while I'm here. Yesterday was the big launch date of Window's Vista Operating system. I have seen and heard of various interviews with Bill Gates, making the promotional tour. But other than that, I've not heard a peep. Maybe it will take a few days for people to actually get their copies, install them, and then the feedback will start to flow. Anyway, I did catch the interviews with Bill Gates and John Stewart on the Daily Show the other night... I was a bit surprised at John's questions. He seemed to be asking these corny computer questions, and treated the interview very lightly. I wish he actually asked some meaningful questions. I have to admit though, at the end of the interview, the interviewee is supposed to sit there while they lead into a commercial (This happens all the time, when the guest does not do this, and they start to stand, and John has to stop them). Anyway, Bill stands up immediately and starts walking off (I don't think he heard John's attempt to get him to sit). It was kinda funny. Then at the end of last night's show, they did a "spoof" of this and it was even more funny. They put a "stunt double" in and made it like a camera man was following Bill out of the studio. They showed him being rude and nasty to the people he passed in the hallway, things like knocking a stack of papers out of their hands, spilling water on them, etc... I can't do it justice, and I can't find the clip on youtube (yet).
I'll save my thoughts on Vista for another time - other than to say it looks like they really took liberally from Apple's OSX - but that's nothing new.

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