Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Robin Hood

About a week ago or maybe longer, I happened to watch a reality TV show about Gene Simmons. The rock star from KISS. It was supposed to be a glimpse into his world. After watching the show I felt sick to my stomach. Gene's wife and her sister wanted to go on a shopping spree while Gene took his son to a ranch to figure out why he had lost $20,000 dollars on an investment. Ok, I know that Gene is probably worth several million dollars, and I can understand how he may have lost $20,000 in an investment gone bad. What I could not understand is the activity of his wife. She and her sister hired a guy to help them purchase clothes. Yes - you heard me. He was some sort of "fashion consultant". Well, long story short, the two women ended up making fun of the guy for his height because they had different tastes in clothing. Then when they got home, she had to tell her husband how much she spent at ONE store that he had to go back and settle the bill... $17,000!! I felt sick to my stomach. He didn't seem to mind, She felt like she had it owed to her.
I understand that people have to right to spend their money on whatever they wish. But there is something wrong in this world when a person can go out and drop $17,000 on a whim, on such things as clothes. There is a real disconnect between the people who have, and the people who don't.
What sparked this blog entry was an article I just read about putting it in perspective... The top CEO's in Canada, have earned the average workers yearly salary ($38,010) by 9:46am on Tuesday morning. (I am assuming they had Monday off and started at 9am). It's an interesting article (though it still makes me feel sick to my stomach).
I have just bought a new computer and in spite of me saving for about a year, and it's partly for my job, I still have a tinge of guilt over buying something so expensive ($1900). I guess it's all relative.

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