Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Faux News

I just read my blog updates via "bloglines" (thanks sis). and I have subscribed to one called "News Hounds". Basically, it's a website where someone (various people) watch fox news, then point out what is wrong with their comments. Is it biased? Absolutely. Is it opinion? Yes. But, it lets you keep up with what the "news" channel is up to without having to watch it 24 hours a day. Here is one clip from today: Straight from God apparently!
Pat Robertson Predicts Massive Terrorist Attack For 2007 And Fox News Spreads The Fear
Reported by Deborah - Wed 7:04 AM
Pat Robertson claims that God told him there will be an " horriic" terrorist attack in the U.S. during 2007 killing millions of people. This dubious information was reported seriously by the F&F crew. Nothing like starting the new year with a dose of fear. 1/02/07

Their next article is just as amusing as BOR goes to compare "Good vs Evil" and uses the deaths of Saddam and Ford as an analogy. Related to this... I can't believe I've not heard more about what BOR has on his shows more and more, where they do a segment called "behind the words" - He has some (usually women) "experts" on Body Language on, to disect minute movements, etc, of people in the news, to tell the "REAL" story behind what they are thinking vs what they are saying. I have to give a tip of the hat to Faux news for thinking of this. To be able to take body language and report it as NEWS about what they want the news to be about is genius. Wrong! But genius. What's next - Psychic News?

And finally on a totally unrelated note:
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