Friday, January 12, 2007

RAW 1932-2007

I was just heading to bed last night around 1am, and checked my email once more. On my google homepage I have feed to "" and on it was a small blurb that made me sad.

One of my favorite authors has passed away. Robert Anton Wilson who is best known for the Illuminatus trilogy. This book changed the way I think and for a large part influenced who I am today. I read it back maybe 15 years ago and although I've forgotten a lot of the details, I was just blown away by this book. (I suppose I should mention that there was another co-author Robert Shea). But RAW as he's usually known went on to write a series of books that really opened my mind and I thank him for that. I knew RAW was not doing well. Not too long ago, there was a post on the internet that his health was deteriorating along with his finances... the people and fans rallied and raised approx $68,000 to help him.
I have read many of his books:
The Illuminatus Trilogy
Promethus Rising
Cosmic Trigger I, II, and III
Coincidence: A head test (another of my favorites)
Reality is what you can get away with (favorites)
Right where you are sitting now: Further tales of the Illuminati
Schrodingers Cat (A REAL favorite - my first real understanding of "maybe logic")
(That's all I can remember from looking at a list of his works)

I only just recently bought a dvd of his on Amazon called "maybe logic" but have yet to watch it yet. Somewhere I have 2 audio tapes of some of his lectures, and to hear him speak was a real treat. He has the kind of voice and mannerisms that you know if you met him in person that he's a really nice guy.
RAW is also associated with the drug culture. He at times promoted the use of "mind expanding" drugs (such as LSD). This is where I differed in opinions. I never believed that the mind need help doing anything, but I don't fault him for his beliefs and experiments. He was also friends with Tim Leary.
He recently started a blog, and I was on last night and reading some of the very nice comments about his passing. Here is his blog. Google has a blog search and there are some interesting posts there.
I have heard it said of him, and I pretty much agree, that he is the greatest philosopher of our generation.
He will be missed, and the universe feels a little smaller today. One of the comments that really struck me on his blog:
... If you by chance re-incarnate, please come back as something that can speak and write.

I'm going to pick out a star and think of it as you. And imagine you watching this crazy place, and laughing hopefully (meaning laughing with hope).

A few final thoughts that have let an impression on me:
Never whistle while you pee.
All Hail Discordia
A man with one watch always knows what time it is... A man with two watches is never quite sure.
The cat is both alive and dead at the same time!
Everything is possible
I believe in everything and nothing at the same time!

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