Sunday, January 07, 2007

"f the corporate media"

I am not one who usually uses curse words. On occasion yes. If I'm hanging out with my friend(s) yes. But in general I try to watch what I say. I choose to do this. I for the most part, don't have a problem if others use curse words. Unless they use them around kids, it doesn't really bother me. But, I'm going to post this video clip here (which contains curse words obviously). In the right place and the right time, this language is acceptable and in some occasions neccesary. OK, got that out of the way... This is an excellent video (mini-documentary really) that shows the manipulative powers of the corporate media. I found it over on a website that I had forgotten about, and while I was flipping through the TV channels I was reminded of it... it's called "Throw away your TV" (TayTV for short). In a nutshell this website scours the web to look for interesting video clips (often related to politics). So Kudo's to TayTV.
Check out the clip.
Sidenote: I wonder how long it will be until Bandannas are outlawed.
I saw a new movie last night... The Children of Men. I have sort of mixed feelings about this movie. I read a comment over on the yahoo movie reviews that did strike a chord with me... A lot of points in the film were not explained. I think the story really suffered for this. It could have been a really great film, had they spent less time on the action sequences and more time on creating a story. For this reason, I think I'll recommend you wait for the dvd release. The premise of the movie is quite simple... it's set in the near future around 2026 (I think). A time when Women for some reason are unable to conceive children (unexplained - though it's insinuated that it's due to all the chemicals/medicines we use like "niagra" and other mood/body changing chemicals). Then along comes... well I probably shouldn't spoil it... since the story is not too complicated anything you know will detract from the movie. The movie also left me with a bad taste in my mouth about humanity. How we're headed towards such hatred towards one another. After watching the video of the police state in this youtube clip today and last night's movie about how Britian becomes a police nation, I'm feeling a bit down. I need to go find a flower or something to admire.

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