Thursday, January 04, 2007

Huh, wha'?

I probably shouldn't post anything here but I will anyway. I've been up since a little after 4 am! After going to sleep around midnight. So My head feels like mush right now. I agreed to take my Bro to the airport (and was glad to do it) but getting up that early for me is not my cup of tea :)
The good thing was the traffic was a breeze getting to the airport, he made his flight with no problems. And I got to see a very strange sight for me... I think most of you daywalkers call it a "sunrise". It was actually really fantastic with oranges and reds and pinks. It also lasted for most of the trip to the airport so it was nice to glance in the rear-view mirror and see it full of those colors. I also was up at about 4:20 with my camera trying to take some long exposure photos of the moon through the trees. I'm curious if they turned out at all. Ok, well just a few random posts here...
I stopped by and the top post caught my attention...
Thomas Jefferson did WHAT to his Bible?! I had to know. So it linked to this article that was pretty interesting. I loved the one line where he's writing very eloquently, then pauses and says "nonsense". AND I had this same idea too. I have often thought... what if we took all the "mumbo jumbo" and mish-mosh out of the bible and just brewed it down to a simplified "guide book"? I guess I wasn't the only one. What would interest me is if by doing so, would it be considered a new "religion" or could it be viewed by all humanity as simply a guidebook. And by "mumbo jumbo" (I hope that's not a derogatory term) I mean things like all the begats, and who has to do what to kill an animal, etc... Just turn it into a moral guide book on how to be a good person. Not to replace the Bible, but simply a book that all religions (and non-religious people) can agree on. Nah... who am I kidding... MAN will complicate and screw it all up.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this link about Nicola Tesla. I have not read it all, but It seems interesting. On a related note... Google has realeased a new section to their many tools... an online patent search. Just previous to this article, I was over on google looking up to see if Nicola had secured any patents. (many claim that was his biggest fault was not wanting to patent the ideas). Turns out I found a couple. It was cool to see the illustrations. I am curious if those illustrations are in his hand, or if he had to hire an engineer. The heat/electromagnetic motor caught my attention.

And more UFO talk>
It seems that there was some funny going's on over at Chicago O'hare airport. Many people apparently witnessed a strange object hovering near the airport. When they questioned the local FAA authorities they denied they had seen anything on the radar and said "it was probably just the clouds". The reports came from pilots! Don't you think they would know the difference between a cloud and a flying object?

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