Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Steve

Just a quick post that I forgot to mention my earlier post...
Today is Stephen Hawking's Birthday! He's the guy who wrote "A Brief History of Time" (It's also a movie). He's probably THE smartest guy on the planet right now. That's a pretty amazing feat.

And speaking of Birthdays... It's also David Bowie's Birthday who turns 60! How time flys.

Oh, and one more thing...
I just found out that Berkeley is offering some of their college courses and lectures online via a podcast! That's pretty cool. I think Stanford started this trend. I also heard that MIT is doing the same thing. Imagine being able to listen in to some of the top school's lectures from your own home! Ok, so you don't get credit for it, but to have access to these educational depots is pretty cool. I just signed up for podcast at Berkeley for Non-Violence. Who would have thought there is a class for that? Only in Berkeley I bet :)
Here's the link:
I don't think you need itunes specifically but it probably helps with the automatic updates.

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