Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Computer day

I'll try to keep this short because I hope to go home now and start setting up my new computer. I just bought a new 24" imac! I lost a few of my geek points in this purchase though... I wanted to purchase it in 2006 so I can claim it on this years taxes. So I bought it on Dec. 30th. BUT then shortly after, I realized the big Macworld Expo was TODAY, and as any good geek knows, you should never buy a new computer this close to an expo. That's when they make the new BIG announcement of new computer models. So I've had this brand new computer still sitting in the box that it shipped in, waiting until today. Luckily... Steve Jobs was sidetracked with creating a new gizmo so as not to release a new imac! (So I'm probably safe for another 6 months ;) I was "listening" to the announcements live via the internet where a guy was posting 60 secound updates (for the 2 hour talk) on his blog (with photos!). It was pretty cool.
So what was the big announcement? You're gonna hear it all over the news, web, etc for the next week at least... a new phone. Apple teamed up with Cingular to create the new iphone. I have to say it looks Really cool! BUT I'm still in sticker shock over the price of $499! I know... it's also a mini-computer, an ipod, a mobile web surfing device, a movie player, etc... but ouch... that's expensive. They've set a ship date of June 07.
The other big announcement was some sort of iTV device. I'm not too excited over this one. I think the computer world is still not quite sure how to tie in a TV with a computer. They keep trying to make a computer around a TV... when I think what most of us want is a computer with TV capabilities. Let me plug a device into my cable, that will stream live TV to my computer, with the ability to record shows, and we all will be happy.

ok, this is much longer than I wanted. Have a good one.

PS> Someone left a long (knowledgeable) comment to my last post yesterday. I encourage you to read it.

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