Monday, January 22, 2007

Mon words

Well another Monday is here. I swear the last two days went buy in only 2 hours and not 2 days. I'm just on auto-pilot today.
First a quick update on my imac mouse... So Friday night I drove up to the local apple store with my mouse in my pocket. I walked in and there was a young guy who asked if he could help me. I described my problem with the mouse and said how the side buttons were clicking when I wasn't pressing them. He looked at me like I was nuts. First he argued that there were no side buttons. Once I proved to him there was (by using the mouse right next to us on one of the demo computers) I showed him my mouse. So he plugged it in. Don't you know, it worked perfectly! The kid had to throw in a few comments like "Nope, it seems to be working fine" Making me feel like a complete idiot. After a round about of questions, and me finally giving up because I couldn't replicate the problem, he then explained that even if there were a problem I would of had to make an appointment with the "genius bar" for this. So not only did I waste a 40 minute trip to the apple store, I felt like a complete idiot, and got absolutely nowhere. NOW I need to determine if I want to pursue this. Sure enough, I got home, and the problem was there. I've since think that I have it figured out how to replicate the problem. But do I risk another trip, and another long explanation as to what is wrong with the mouse, or do I just go buy a new mouse. ugh.
Over the weekend I finally got around to watching the DVD I recently bought from Robert Anton Wilson called "Maybe Logic". Wow, I had forgotten so much of what he talked about and at times realized how much of a "kook" he was (I mean that in the nicest way too). What I liked about the video was that it incorporated some old footage (lousy quality) mixed with modern day footage of him. It talked about his disease and how he coped with it (much with medical Marijuana usage). I know it sounds corny, but I almost started to tear up towards the end when I realized this incredible soul has moved on from this plane. One of the things I forgot about RAW was that he was an atheist. That and his promotion of Psychedelic drugs are where his and my views differ but the rest of it is mind boggling. One of the comments he made made me laugh... he said everyone should try LSD, but only after 40... By 40, your reality tunnels are strong enough to deal with an LSD trip and that he would not be responsible... apparently this was something Tim Leary promoted too (they were friends). I had forgotten a lot of the terminology that RAW used... Reality tunnels, Belief Systems (or BS), discordia, The Church of the SubGenius, just to name a few. I think I'm going to have to dig up my old books of his and take another read. I think my Belief Systems have become too closed lately. I haven't been challenged on a philosophical level in a long time.
Last night was the return of Battlestar Galactica! Still a great show, and it didn't disappoint. One of the things they had on their promotion screens as to what show was coming up on Monday was a closeup of the word "MOND" which made me realize how redundant it is to put "day" after every day's name. MonDAY, TuesDAY, etc... I'm going to experiment with dropping this.
OK, that's enough random thoughts for today's post. Go out and challenge your own Belief System this week. Enjoy your Mon.
oh... and look at this photo... so sickeningly cute:

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