Thursday, January 18, 2007

science not so good

I've recently been in a small email "debate" with a friend of mine regarding global warming. I don't recall who "started" it (I think I did, because I mentioned that I had seen Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth). Well, he's a fan of the Glen Beck Show, and I guess he falls in the religious right category. At one point he said something about not all scientist agree that us humans are the cause of global warming... I was a bit shocked because everything I had read/heard/seen said the opposite. So I started to go online to try and find some "facts" to support my side... and to my surprise, I'm finding it very difficult. I thought this would be easy, I started with the obvious... I went to Al Gore's website on AIT and they had a "science" tab... but when I clicked on it it was very lame. There were 4 general facts, then about 6 predictions... Sorry, predictions are not science! The bullet points had footnotes, but no links... if you wanted to know more or find the source yourself, you had to search the web. Shame on you Al. All you scientists out there... make a website with facts, and easy navigation about global warming. By eliminating the claims like "some scientists disagree with Al Gore" (which may technically be true if there are 2 people out there in the world) you'll help the cause much more. I'm trying to keep a running list of the websites I stumble upon for my facts and figures. Once I figure it out and organize it, perhaps I'll post it here so someone might find it via a google search.
In a related post... I've been visiting the website and when I thought of finding proof for global warming I went to this site to maybe make a post in the forums asking for help... surprise... there is no forum. The website talks about people like "us" coming together, yet they don't even have a message board? I emailed the suggestion to them, but did not receive a response, or even an email telling me they got my suggestion.
I'm trying to keep the debate away from politics, and more on the science, but it is more difficult than I thought. I respect my fiends opinion but I wonder how the two of us can have opposite views on this subject of global warming.

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