Sunday, January 14, 2007

first blog

Well, this is it... my first blog post from my new imac. (my apologies if it sounds like I'm bragging about the new computer. I'm just excited about it.) It's been a few days now of use and I have two complaints... The imac speakers are a bit lame. Very "tinny" with hardly any base. I bought some speakers probably about a year ago from Bose that are designed for desktop use, Believe it or not it was difficult to find a decent desktop speaker set up. I have had in the past a NICE set from Yamaha that had two small speakers and about a 10" sub, but for some reason Yamaha stopped making these. So I went with the Bose (no sub woofer, but it's not totally necessary). My other complaint... I think I got a busted mouse. Apple's new mouse design has two "buttons" on the side (funny how they still keep to the visual "one button" mouse design, yet they've hidden multi buttons - almost like they refuse to admit that a 2 or more mouse button design is a mistake). Anyway, the two buttons on the side are meant to trigger a function that you can customize. Well, on my mouse when you press down slight as if you were about to click, for some reason this triggers the squeeze function (many times). So now I'm torn... I'm NOT going to go through the problems of shipping this back to amazon over a mouse, but it's disappointing. I think what I'll do is maybe head up to my local apple store and see if they can help me out. OR I'll try an track down my favorite mouse from Kensington... a whopping $19.
The only other "complaint" is not really a complaint... I am trying to figure out the best way to either 1) start from scratch for my web bookmarks, or 2) export ALL my previous bookmarks. There's something nice about starting fresh, but I don't know how tedious it will be.
Finally, I have ordered a software bundle from Adobe to do all my "work and fun". This should arrive Wed. I have sources that I could have [ahem] borrowed the software from, but something in me this time wanted to go Legit. It was a HUGE expense, but I know I will use all the software, and It will be nice to have all my own serial numbers with all the latest updates.
Ok, I'll try to refrain from computer related posts in the near future.

Oh, I just thought of one more thing that may help other firefox users... (mac especially)...
One thing that "just burns me up" about firefox is that when you try to drag a bookmark into your toolbar at the top, one of the yellow tabs pops up tha BLOCKS the drag and drop function. A while back I found a post on that listed several ways to modify and customize firefox... one of the tips was how to turn off that "tooltip" function. If you use firefox, you may find this link helpful. I'm also posting this on my blog because this morning I had a difficult time trying to figure out what firefox called that little yellow tabby thing. It's called the "Chrome tooltips" So If I forget in the future I can search my own blog... yellow tab, tooltip, chrome, link, about:config, firefox.

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