Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Acute nasopharyngitis

Acute nasopharyngitis... yep... that's what I have. Also known as the "common cold". I made the mistake of looking up "common cold" on the wikipedia website and now I feel worse. Words like: "mild viral infectious disease, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, and also certain echoviruses, paramyxoviruses, and coxsackieviruses" - ugh... I feel like I should lock myself in a quarantined ziplock bag. But, I feel like I'm at the half way point. Starting to feel a "tiny" bit better, and looking forward to getting outside of the germ-infested apartment. But I'm still a little loopy from the Dayquil (though that stuff is helping a lot). On a related note, my friend just told me about airborne health, which I think I will try next time I'm getting on a plane.
ok, enough about my health - onto more important things...
I just heard a bit of an interview with a producer or director of a new movie called "the illusionist". Sounds like it is going to be a cool movie! Finally Ed Norton is back! I don't know what happened to Mr. Norton. He's a very talented actor, but it seems his last few films really stunk. I think it may have been a contractual obligation, and now that he's out of the obligation, he's free to start making descent movies. Norton and Paul Giamatti - a good combination! I'm going to look forward to this one. (note: I turned the interview off because NPR has a way of giving away WAY too much information on their interviews about movies.)

I also just dicovered an old local college radio station. I'm only about 10 miles outside of a major city, but only if the wind is blowing correctly can I get this radio station. I just learned that the station also streams their music live online, so that's cool. I think I'll use my recording program and maybe record an hour or two of music for my daily commute. Is that illegal? Probably, but I think it's justified. I can't go out and buy the music because it's music I've never heard of, and I can't listen to it in my truck because of poor reception. What's a guy to do? Well, I'm really starting to consider satellite radio. I HATE the idea of paying for another subscription service though. I've not made up my mind yet.
I started reading my "50 simple things to do to fight the right" and it talks about Air America. Why can't I get this radio station? Why is the AM radio waves mostly static? Radio needs a revamp.

well, I better go and get some food in my stomach for my next dose of dayquil. That's one good thing... I've not lost my appetite. :)
I just made myself a "buffalo burger" last night and it was good. Though I still have a problem eating a majestic animal like a Buffalo. I know the Indians used to eat them like we eat cows, but there is still something not right about it.

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