Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weird Animal and Weird Magazines

I was planning on posting about two magazines I've just discovered, but saw this post on boingboing that was pretty cool. (Sorry it's on the site). It's kinda funny to me that the people interviewed described this animal as "evil". We're so afraid of new things. It's also interesting that this hybrid survived if it is a crossbread of wolf/dog.

Ok, onto the zines...
I happened to have the TV on Sat night, and was flipping through the channels as there was nothing on, and ended up seeing the tail end of a show of G4 network (I despise that network after what they did to TechTV!). Anyway, it was an interesting show called "icons" where they interview people today (in the tech world) who have made an impact. They were talking about Shepard Fairey. He's an Artist who has apparently created this cult following of his work. I can't describe all that he's done here so if you are interested check out this website: or read about him on wikipedia here. At the end of the show it said how Shepard has created a new magazine also (now on issue #7) called Swindle. I went to Barnes and Noble this weekend to try and find the zine. Well what a mess. They have way more magazines then they have space to display them, and everything is just thrown about. As I was looking I saw that there was a woman stocking the shelves with new issues. I asked her if she's ever heard or saw this magazine while stocking... no. She told me to go up and ask the information desk to see if they even carry it. Ok. I go up to the info desk and much to my surprise she said "yes, we carry that" but the computer doesn't tell me if it's in stock." What? Why!? In today's world, why can't they tie in their database of sales with what is in stock in the zines? They are able to do it with their books. Grr. So she said it should be filed under the "lifestyle" section. Great, I said... where's the lifestyle section... her response... "I don't know, lets go look". So we walk back, (she then informed me that the woman stocking the shelves is the manager and not the zine person who was out that day). We get back and sure enough there is no "lifestyle" section. The manager then says it should be in the "mens interest" (Why is an art magazine considered mens interest?) Well, I looked high and low, the info desk woman looked high and low (the manager couldn't be bothered). No luck. Finally, I went back to the info desk and asked if the computer told her when the issue came out. Perhaps I'm looking for something that has been sold out for over a month now. Sure enough, it was released in June. So I gave up. Wow... I didn't really mean this to turn into a rant.
All that to say, that I DID find a new magazine called Juxtapoz on the shelf. It is a really neat zine about the underground art culture in CA. I'm glad I stumbled upon it. I am still on the lookout for Swindle but it looks like I'll have to subscribe to this one. I don't want to subscribe though site-unseen. Oh well.

Finally, another zine I found (Which I had heard of and enjoyed) is called ReadyMade. It's similar to MAKE magazine (my favorite right now!). Check it out if you can - they have a good website too.

(my apologies... In looking at this post, I really should have broken it up into individual posts. Oh Well.)

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