Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cup of Coffee or Espresso?

I recently read in one of my books that many people (myself included) are under the assumption that a cup of espresso has MORE caffeine in it than a normal cup of coffee. Well, I finally got around to googling this today and sure enough (in a round-about way) a mug/cup of coffee has MORE caffeine in it than a cup/shot of espresso.
The reason they gave in the book was that the water is what extracts the caffeine from the grounds, so that a standard drip runs more water through the grinds thus extracting more caffeine. But there are many other factors that could push this to being a false statement. The type of coffee must be the same in the comparison. The grind of the bean must be relatively the same. And here's the other kicker... a shot of esspresso is usually fairly small, so you (on average) are getting about 80mg of caffiene, where as a cup of coffee (8oz) has about 115mg. Most people drink more that an 8oz serving so that changes things too. Totally confused? I almost am, but I think I got it.
Read some of the posts on this google search to become absolutely confused :)
Great... now I have a craving for a cup of coffee.

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