Thursday, August 17, 2006


ok, first a small note to tell everyone to check out some new photos I just posted to my flickr account. (scroll down on the right sidebar to get to them). I got a few good macro shots of a green leaf hopper that entered my apartment last night when I had the window open. (Yes, I rescued him this morning and put him back outside... along with a large moth that I didn't get photos of.) And... we have a nest in the building next to our office and I was able to get some photos of a Dove with her two babies feeding. If you start at the beginning of the dove photos you can sort of see the storyline there.

ok, onto the WOOHOO part...
A Judge (U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit) has ruled AGAINST the Bush administration with their wiretapping US citizens. Finally a bit of "checks and balances" have been enforced today. Of course the bad news is that the Bush Lawyers are going to appeal the ruling, so it will drag out even longer and spend more of our tax payers money.
But here's the scary part... In my google news today was this headline: ACLU Wins One For The Terrorists. What!? I almost hate pointing any of you to this website because they will get the ad revenue, but... I read some of the comments and they really put this person in their place. It amazes me how "reporting" like this can be published. Turns out its a "reprint" of something they picked up off the blogosphere. So this is how reporters report now?

I really hope this ruling is not overturned. Somebody needs to stand up for our rights.
I think I'm off to go see if I can make a donation to the ACLU. I don't know if I agree with everything the ACLU does but this is fantastic. I can't wait to hear how FauxNews will rip this apart tonight.

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cyen said...

I'm commenting to my own post...
I just joined the ACLU. For a minimum of $20 you can join and be a "card carrying member". I encourage everyone who cares about our rights to also join.