Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Green Rooftops

What a cool idea! I don't remember where I stumbled upon this blog but there is some interesting things on there. (Plus I like the name of it Pink Tentacle). What also surprises me is that this company is a division of Toyota the car company. Way to go toyota.
I wonder If I could use something like this... I have a small (7x10') balcony at my apartment and my neighbor who lives downstairs has her balcony, er I guess it's a patio if it's on the first floor, right below me. She smokes outside on her patio. On nice days when I want to open the balcony doors, her smoke wafts right up and into my apartment. I've thought of putting some astroturf out there thinking it would make it more difficult for the smoke to waft up throught the wooden floorboards. (waft... what a funny word). I've yet to find out where I can buy astroturf. But a square footage of real grass would be cool. I like the idea of them on this sort of mat system that his a built in watering track.
Check out the site for more cool Japanese stuff.

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