Friday, August 11, 2006

Terror in the skys

I wasn't really planning on blogging about this, but so much for planning...
First - Obviously... I'm thrilled the plot to blow up as many as 10 planes was foiled. I'm also glad there are approx 21 people under arrest at the moment, and I heard there may have been as many as 50 people involved, so I hope they catch the other 29 people.
But... what I wanted to post here, is how there seems to be an over-reaction to this latest terrorist attempt. Now, mind you I understand this on one hand because God forbid, if someone were lax about their reaction then something might happen. But, sometimes these "reactions" seem silly.
Maybe silly is not the right word... illogical maybe. For example. The idea now of having two checkpoints... One is the standard TSA checkpoint that we're all used to. But now, if someone stops off at a cafe, or newstand within the concourse to buy a bottle of water, or a soda, or even a cup of coffee, they are now forced upon entering the plane to go through this other checkpoint where they are looking for anything liquid. So really, whats the point of the first checkpoint? Also does this point to a more disturbing fact that the items in the concourse are NOT going through some sort of security check? I would think that anything within those limits has gone through a security check and everything is safe.
I'm also seeing photos poping up on the web, where they are showing the security agents confiscating liquid materials and then just "dumping" them into a big container. Um... maybe that's not the safest way to dispose of a potentially dangerous liquid!
The Daily show did a bit on this last night too... bringing up tricky subjects like "yogurt" - Not really a liquid or a gel :)
I'm sure this is all just an over reaction and things will calm down and logic will prevail. I can also see where this is headed... NO carry on items will be allowed.
I'll just add a side comment here... in seeing the hundreds (thousands?) of people waiting in lines outside of the security check points and even standing in lines outside of the airport itself, we've just moved the "targets" into a new area and possibly LESS secure as they stand in line.
What a mess.

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