Monday, August 28, 2006

Free energy

An update on the post I posted earlier about the perpetual motion. It seems things are moving forward and the gloves have been takin off and the gauntlet thrown. The company has posted an open challenge to scientist to disprove them. 3809 scientists have expressed an interest (according to their website on 8/28/06) And what's cool about the company is that they have set it up on the web and you and I can be one of the first to know the results (you have to give them an email address.) First off the company name is Steorn. Here's their website.
Here's an article on the Guardian UK website that is a good read (not too techincal).
Wow, I think this is sounding promising. And how cool would that be to be one of the 45,706th (that was me) to find out about a HUGE scientific discovery via email.
I love this quote too:
...then one day one of our guys [co-founder Mike Daly] came in and said: 'We have a problem. We appear to be getting out more than we're putting in.'"

A problem he calls it :)
Let's not kid ourselves too... this technology will not be free. There will be license fees, subscription fees, etc... but it's still pretty amazing. THIS could change the WORLD!!! (can you tell I'm excited about this?)

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