Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogger photos not working

I've been trying all morning to post this but have been having trouble posting the photos. Well, turns out after a little digging that Blogger is experiencing problems with this since July 25th. So, I'm just going to post without using photos for the next day (or more?). This stinks because I like putting the photos up with my posts. I hope blogger fixes this soon. It looks like they were having computer problems so they "upgraded" and now they are trying to sort out all the bugs. One of which was that they estimate 10% of their blog pages are having trouble loading.
To find out about their problems here's the link:

ok, onto my posts:
These two items are from the Make Magazine Blog. Issue 7 is at the printing press now! Yes!

A "walking" robot!
Check out this video on YouTube!
Imagine this thing walking along as you drive by.

There is a father/son project posted over on the popular mechanics site... an underwater spy submarine! Cool! Though I think this would take ME much longer than 4 days! Not to mention having all the gizmos.

and a bit of news about AOL!
I've been getting ready to quit AOL. I've bought my own domain name to have my new email address, and have been trying to update all my old AOL contacts. I fear making this switch because I'm sure I've forgotten something important. So for the past few months (I was going to wait a year) I've been monitoring my email to see if I've forgotten anyone. Well, looks like I can rest a little easier. AOL has finally announced (today) that it will change their prices and offer many of it's services for FREE! (Including email!) Finally AOL is seeing the light. I have been a loyal customer since 1993! But over the past 2-3 years they have really gone down hill.
AOL used to be a community, and long the lines it lost this. So, I wish AOL all the luck as I think they will need it. I hope they don't screw over the customers who still need dial up access (most of America!). If they play their cards right they will survive.
Cnet news item

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