Thursday, August 31, 2006

Verizon gets some sense knocked into it

A little while ago I posted about my letter from Verizon and how idiotic it sounded. (recap: The Gov dropped some sort of imposed fee, but rather than Verizon not charging it's customers anymore they made up some new name and continued the fee (at a few pennies less)).
Well, I just learned via one of my new favorite websites: that due to complaints and rants (hopefully my rant helped) that Verizon will not impose this new fee. As one of the commenters pointed out though... neither he (nor I) have recieved this news from Verizon itself. So We'll believe it when we don't see the fee.
Read the post at: the

Also of interest to me on the page right now, is the topics of:
How a bunch of RadioShack employees just got fired - via an email notice in their inbox.
How Geico really messed up this one guys accident claim and that his attempts to get the problems (that they made) resolved ended up getting him nowhere. (Side rant: I'm ALL for doing things better and faster on the internet, but when it comes to holding someone accountable the internet stinks. Geico is an internet company.)
What I like about is not so much their tone of voice (the occasional crass curse words or inappropriate comments) but rather learning how others deal with problems like these. Knowledge is power.

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