Tuesday, August 29, 2006


A new website that looks promising... www.recipething.com
I just signed up last night after learning about it via Digg. It's brand new and still advertising it's in Beta. My first impression... nice idea, nice layout, a bit confusing to navigate though. But... what I would like to criticize is that this website could be so much better. The idea of a social based recipe sharing website is great! I like how recipething incorporates the tools for your own single recipe, but I would like to see more. A menu planner, the ability to add "friends" whose tastes you share. Hopefully this website will change and flourish, or a new website will come along and swallow this one up.
(As I am about to post this it appears their website is down. If it doesn't load for you, I guess we know why it's still in beta).

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Anonymous said...

You should try www.BakeSpace.com -it's what you're really talking about.