Thursday, August 24, 2006

Turns my stomach

This past weekend I watched (and blogged) about some black leaders who gathered on Cspan to discuss racial issues. As a white person I admit that sometimes I wonder "C'mon... is there really racisim still alive in todays world?" Then in less than a split second, I'm saddened to be reminded that yes it is. Well, I just discovered a new blog (bear with me) via another new blog... I found this blog first: - then found this blog (currently at #6), which featured this post - Which led me to this article in the Shreveport Times. - "Black Students ordered to give up seats to whites". Have we made no progress at all in the last 50 years? I am amazed that humans can be so cruel to other humans.
So for the record... YES! Racism is still alive in 2006. How can we fix it? The only solution I fear is time. In time as each generation comes and goes there will be more people who are accepting.
I just went back to the original post and even some of the comments are troubling. There is even hate in those words that condem the action. Hate begets hate. Why don't people see that?
Ok. It's late. I've had it with this day Aug 24, 2006. In approx two minutes it will be Aug 25th. A new day. Here's to a better world tomorrow.

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