Saturday, September 16, 2006


HA! I just found this link on neatorama...
I'm hearing more and more about this elusive character who calls himself (or herself) Banksy. I am still learning about him, but I'm enjoying his "art". I first heard of Banksy a few years ago when I learned that someone was going around to the major fine art museums and hanging his own art on the walls where there was a space. It took some amount of time before the museums realzied their collections were being added to. It was a great statement to show "what is art, and what deserves to be hung on a wall". I loved it. I've since learned that this person is a well known Graffiti artist. and is now traveling around the world leaving his art in unusual places. (many times this means he may be breaking the law from a literal point). His recent "installation" was a manaquin made to look like a gitmo terrorist prisoner that he left it in the middle of a display in disneyland). He's actually doing this legally now, and having an art show in LA. (Man, CA gets all the cool stuff!) His identity is still secret, and they only released the location of his show a day before the opening to protect his identity.
I'm gonna have to check out his website and learn more about him (or her ;)

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