Saturday, September 16, 2006

Survivor 13

I wasn't home on Thursday night due to my art class so I really had to make sure to remember to set my VCR (yes, old school VCR and not DVR ;) for the new Survivor season 13. I have to admit I like this show, because I see it as a social experiement that I get to watch unfold each week. I always have enjoyed watching people and trying to figure out what makes them tick. I saw some of the "hoopla" or controversy about this years decision to split the teams up according to race. I like the idea. Sure it's ripe for exploitation, but really that's what TV is anyway. I do doubt though that nothing on this show will change anyone's attitude on race. It will only reinforce what a person already believes. I was sad to see that one of the first ones to be voted off was a member of the black race. I felt that the other races have something to "prove" where as the white race is viewed as the team to beat. (That's probably my prejudice showing there). There's also the split that the show will create because it's probably natural to root for one's own race. Oh well, in all of this, I have to just keep reminding myself that it's just a TV show. During one of the talk shows I saw a man interviewed who thought this was a good thing that the producers have done because it gets America talking about race again. I agree. That's why I'm posting this. Bottom line is that the producers are genius for thinking of this... Controversy = more ratings.
(PS> I really like the guy cao boi, he seems eccentric yet underneath I think there is some wisdom in his words. I bet he has some great stories too. That's my prejudice there... root for the hippy! :) Hmm... That should be the next Survivor... Teams split on "Jocks vs hippies vs geeks vs Suits" :)

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