Friday, September 15, 2006


Sorry for no new posts the past couple days. Been really busy with stuff.

I had my first class in Watercolor last night. It was really good to pick up a brush again. I basically took the summer off mainly due to the fact that I have no where in my cramped apartment to set up a painting workstation. So if I get nothing else out of my 14 week class, I'll have 14 times now to do some painting. And I was pretty happy with how my watercolor last night turned out. It's not quite "post worthy" so I don't know if I'll go to the trouble of scanning and posting here.

Ok, gotta run. My new batch of iced tea is done brewing (A mix of Chamomille and some "lady grey" teas - lady grey is the same as "earl grey" but it has Cornflower petals in it, and smells a tad bit sweeter than the normal Earl grey). Mmmm Tea...

By the way, I have a strange side-effect to lots of tea drinking... (Well, I think that is the root cause)... For the past two weeks I keep smelling cigarette smoke. It comes and goes, but was starting to happen so much that I was becoming concerned. I then took a step back and thought, "what have I changed in my diet lately"... the answer... tea. I've been drinking almost 6-8 mugs of iced tea daily. I've since forced myself to cut back (I went back to drinking diet pepsi and was surprised at how sweet that tasted!). Since cutting back this weird "dysomia" (that's what they call a halucination of smell) has been gone for over a week now. Very strange. I'm going to now increase my tea drinking and see if the smell comes back again, just to see if my hypothosis is correct.

Enjoy your weekend! TGIF!


JWD said...

Any chance you've been drinking rooibos? I think there is a very strong tabacco smell in rooibos that you might even be "sweating" out. (I don't know if that happens, but I do have a friend who ate so much garlic that the smell of garlic started coming out his pores!)

I can't believe drinking too much tea can be a bad thing, though. :)

cyen said...

I have had an occasional cup of rooibos but it's only been 2-3 in past coupld weeks. So I don't think that's it. The main flavor if iced tea I was drinking was both Earl Grey and Lady Grey. (which are both semi strong black teas). I know that even when I rinse out my mug with water and paper towel there is a black film of residual tea. So I have a feeling this was what was coating my insides. I've also switched over to some camomille (sp?) to see if that helps also. I know the tobacco smell you refer to with rooibos, but I haven't been drinking enough of that. I know! Here I thought I was doing something healthy by getting off the chemical laden diet pepsi and now this. ugh. Hmmm... I wonder if maybe I was having a reation to NOT having diet pepsi everyday? The experiment continues :) Thanks for the input! Mmmm... Garlic tea ;)