Tuesday, September 05, 2006

God Speaks part 3

Ok, another strange coincidence today regarding my ongoing (I didn't really mean for these to be ongoing, I'm just posting follow ups now) thoughts about God speaking to people...
As you may or may not know, I'm a movie buff. I love watching movies. Well, I was signing onto Apple's quicktime website because they have one of the best online sources to watch upcoming movie trailers. Guess what... there is a movie there staring me in the face called "God Spoke", well the full title is "Al Franken, God Spoke" :) I know... just another coincidence right??
Then after I finished watching the trailer for that, I see there is a small box to the side that has ipod trailers that you can download. Guess what one of the movies there is called? "Conversations with God". Sure enough, I downloaded it, and it's about God speaking (plainly) to a man and he starts writing it down. Ok... another coincidence right? Note: this is my third post on this topic and there have been approx 4 coincidences like these now :)


Anonymous said...

when one is open to communication, one hears.

Jen said...

The United Church of Christ has been doing a campaign called God is Still Speaking, I think you need to check it out and write yet another follow up to your question. :)