Sunday, September 24, 2006

more politics

Sunday always seems to bring me back to politics for some reason.
First off, last night I checked one of my new favorite websites for news (and cool stuff) called There was a release that talked about Bill Clinton "smacking down" Fox News. This website ( had gotten an early release transcript (not 100% correct), that showed Former Pres Clinton standing up to a Fox news reporter who tried to slip in some loaded questions. Clinton didn't stand for it and put the interviewer in his place (Chris Wallace). Go Bill! I've got Faux News on now and they are already doing "damage control"... by starting to smear Clinton and saying things like "Clinton exploded because he was not prepared, or because he had this anger built up in him from the abc documentary". Cmon... "Exploded"? They are playing clips now out of context that shows Clinton admitting to "failing". These guys are good at what they do... spin. What I have not heard yet is when the actual interview is going to air (or has it already?), since they are playing clips of it now that makes me think it has already aired this morning. It could be just damage control though, show a bunch of clips and use words like "fired up" and "exploded" to get people to make up their mind about the interview before they actually see it. Ah... I finally found it over on the faux news site - it plays in full (20 min) tonight at 6pm. I will be tuning in to see it all in full. Something tells me we'll be hearing about this for the next week at least.

ok, last night I was feeling out of sorts and so canceled my weekly movie night with my friend. Also because there was nothing really out there that I was interested in seeing. I kinda wanted to see the new Sean Penn movie "all the kings men" but upon looking it up on yahoo, it got horrible reviews. So netflix to the rescue. I had rented a movie called: Howard Zinn: You can't be neutral. I had never heard of Howard Zinn before, but netflix recommended this movie based on some of my other rentals. It was pretty good. I don't know if I agree with everything Zinn said, but as a peace activist he was very inspiring. It went back to when he was more popular in the 60's and protesting the Vietnam War. It made me think or wonder... why are there not leaders like this in our generation. Who are the activists that we will be making documentary videos on in the next 15-20 years? Probably Cindy Sheehan, but I would like to see more university profesors stepping up to the plate.

Well, enjoy the final moments to your weekend. Be sure to tune in tonight at 6pm to watch the Clinton interview. And if you have netflix or can find it elsewhere, you should check out the Howard Zinn documentary.

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Karl Bakla said...

if you ever get a chance read one of Howard Zinn's books good stuff