Friday, September 22, 2006

Grab a pencil or pen

Tomorrow is "sketchcrawl" day. (Sat 23 06).
There's a website, and a forum and group meetings, etc. It's supposed to be worldwide also. I've never heard of this event before, but apparently this is #11. I don't think I'll go to one of the group things, but what the hey, I'll try to remember to do a quick sketch.
Check out the website (though it is confusing, because the website moved to a blog, but in order to register you have to go back to the website to enter your email, then the forum area appears to be where the people are talking).
Here's the blog:

and here's a quick clip of a comment to explain the confusing process:
  1. JeanneG

    Where do I go to see who is signed up? And where will we be uploading the pictures? I just heard about this yesterday. Was it posted somewhere that I can keep checking for the next ones?

  2. 2 enrico

    This is where to check for the next crawls Jeanne, you can also add your name to the mailing list at:
    on the right side you’ll see a spot to add your email.

    As far as checking who is meeting where and uploading pictures it happens in the forums

    come around and take a look !


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